Our story started in 2009 at Slovenian Forestry Institute when we managed to set up series of custom-made micrometeorological station for specific research campaign. Based on the successful results we managed to establish in 2010 a Laboratory for Electronic Devices. Over time, we have developed electronic devices and measuring instruments which were suitable for different environmental conditions and were adjusted to user needs. Our powerful and remote dataloggers were used at various field research campaigns in and beyond Slovenia borders.


Today, we are proud to be nationally recognized as producer of accurate and reliable electronic devices for different purposes. In 2018 we managed to register mFORest trademark under which we offer a broad range of electronic devices to ensure the quality of performance and operation. mFORest is recognized for providing innovative and cost-effective alternatives to traditional measurement equipment and data acquisition systems. In doing so, we make high-quality instrumentation more affordable.

New solutions to customer needs and implementation of innovative technology in demanding field applications are cornerstones of mFORest success.


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Slovenian Forestry Institute, Laboratory for Electronic Devices

Večna pot 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia